Digital marketing agency helps hotels to improve web presence to attract prospective customers.

Digital marketing agency offers various services that can help a hotel to rank on the first page of search engines, build web reputations, and increase social media presence and much more.

So it’s important for hotels to hire a digital marketing agency for business growth.

The average price to hire a digital marketing agency for affordable hotels depend on a lot-depending on the business size, business goal, service they are offering and contact type and much more.

A digital marketing agency normally work on two business model- the first business model is a monthly retainer contract and the second business model is a project-based model.

In terms of the monthly retainer model, the hotel owners have to pay a fixed monthly amount to the agency.

The monthly retainer contract usually lasts 12 months to 18 months or more. Based on Geography, a medium-size hotel needs to pay $1000-$4000 to hire a digital marketing agency. Both parties need to discuss in details and fixed the rate before going for an agreement.

In terms of the project based model, a digital marketing agency charge for the whole project. The average price on the project-based model is not fixed rather it depends on negotiation, marketing goal, the experience of the digital marketing agency and much more. The more the agency is experienced the higher the charge.

So the average price to hire a digital marketing agency is not fixed but it depends on various factors. Before going for an agreement with a digital marketing agency here are some key tips:

  • Set up an expected goal and monitor the outcome on a regular basis
  • Develop a solid digital marketing strategy based on your business
  • Monitor Return on Invest and decide how your marketing is performing