There are a lot of opportunities for music schools to benefit from digital marketing of their activities. Some of the ways through which such schools can get business through digital marketing include the following:

1. Offering Online Classes
With the current connectivity of people through the use of the internet, it is easier for a music teacher to teach his/her students a thousand miles away through live streaming apps such as Skype.

2. Online Registration for Classes
Instead of the students coming for registration of classes to a designated place which may be inconvenient for some of them due to distance or accessibility, they can simply fill an online application form and proceed to submit payment to facilitate learning.

3. Online Follow-up
Once a teacher gives out an assignment, they can make follow-up using online platforms such as Whatsapp messenger. In this platform, they can create a group for the class with the teacher as the administrator. The teacher gives assignments and makes a follow-up on the ones that have done and those who haven’t then later determine a proper way of handling the students who are lagging behind.

4. Website Creation
A music school can have a website created upon which they can display their services, the prices for the services being offered, the name of the school and the biography of the same. The same platforms can have the Bio of the teachers and their achievements as well – these are meant to attract students and create awareness of the school and hence the development of the business.

5. Creation of Music Interest
Through online platforms such as the website for the music school, the school can create inspiration on the students and the non-students alike by displaying achievements and masterpieces of famous musicians or best-performing students in the school.