How to choose the right fashion photography style for your brand

With the growing number of brands entering the fashion industry in the last few years, it’s a challenge to get your brand to shine amongst them. Brands now need the right aesthetics to create their own brand personality. Streetwear, formal, casual, business, rock, no matter which style your brand is going for, there is always a need for a photographer who understands which photography style suits your brand the most.

Before you start shooting for your brand, you need to develop the right fashion photography style. Check out fashion photography styles online.


Choosing the right fashion photography style for your brand:

Get your brand a personality by developing and photographing a specific fashion photography in Dubai, style with this short guide:



The first and possibly most crucial step is to understand the message the brand is trying to give and transform its objective into an idea. The idea helps you design a mood board. Today with so many apps and software, this task becomes simple. The brand personality that you have built must be apparent and consistent in the visuals you create. Ikea is all about comfy and practical, while Ralph Lauren represents luxury and style. This is what you need to showcase in your photograph.



The audience will be observing everything from the model to the accessories. You need to work on the composition of the photographs. The positioning of the props and the way the model is posing all helps a brand sell itself. Think about how each element in the photograph reflects on your brand’s style. Don’t leave anything out. Not even the paint on the wall.



If it’s business wear, you might want to shoot it in a conference room. Location and lighting both help set the mood. It’s not necessary that it always has to be the same, but a pattern must be visible among the photographs.



This is something you cannot ignore. It is an essential aspect of photography. It defines the fashion style of a brand. Pastels colors may suit a casual look, but for streetwear, you need to go crazy with colors. Before you start, always envision your target market and then choose your colors accordingly. Think of your brand colors. Don’t leave them out.



This is the key to finding the right fashion photography style for your brand. When you intend to tell a story through your images, you need to remain consistent with your style. You won’t be able to create that brand identity if the style is not constant.



Be Creative

No matter how many rules we set up, your creativity will help you the most in reflecting the concept in your photos. Start thinking out of the box. Don’t worry too much about the technicalities, and keep experimenting. And remember, a few accidents can help you discover so much more.



Practice makes perfect. It takes time to master your brand style; it is a process of trial and error. The style may change with time, but eventually, you will be able to find similarities in your images.


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