Street Fashion Photography Tips for your youth brand

Over the last couple of years, street fashion has become a big part of the fashion scene. Fashion photographers are getting out of their studio, and in the streets to add a different personality to the brand. And because this style is still developing, not many photographers know these street fashion photography tips to capture its true essence.


Street Fashion Photography Tips for your youth brand

The experts at The Photography Co in Dubai are getting quite the hang of street fashion photography:


Choose your location

When it comes to street fashion photography, look for a vernacular spot. Avoid overly stylized or aesthetic locations. Go with something that speaks of your local culture and daily lifestyle.

We suggest photographing one or two locations before you finalize your choice. See how they appear when photographed. You don’t need to take the whole crew along. Just take your camera with you and see how it goes, also try to avoid places with too many elements, keep it simple, fun, and creative.




Use Existing Elements and Props

Avoid altering the space. Keep it simple. Keep it natural and casual. If you want to take elements and props, marry them well with your model and brand image. They should blend well with the overall theme.

Look for inspiration online to get an idea of the props and other elements required.


Choose Your Model Wisely

Not every model is comfortable with street fashion photography, and if your model isn’t happy with her surrounding, it’s not going to translate well in your pictures. Talk to your model before booking. Tell them about your concept and what will be required from the model.

Even during the shoot, try to make your model comfortable. Compliment her. We also advise you to choose someone with the x-factor. With street fashion photography, there is a fear that your model might blend with the surrounding. You don’t want that.


Create Contrast

The best street fashion photography pictures are often the ones that create a strong contrast between the subject and its background. Get the subject to stand out. Experiment with your surroundings. Don’t be afraid to try out something new. Since this style of photography is still evolving, you could end up creating a new trend.



Use the Right Lens

A good photographer depends on his tools rather than after-effects to capture the right image. Your lens will help you add dimension and beauty to your shot. When it comes to street photography, we recommend the prime lens.


A prime lens has a wide aperture, which means you can get sharp pictures, even in low lights. Since you can’t predict light conditions in outdoor venues, having a prime lens will be a lifesaver. The 35mm Prime lens is the most preferred choice for street fashion photography.


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