Law firms have always carried themselves with esteem and have continually dissociated from all the hullaballoo of social media. In recent times, however, this attitude has changed and more and more firms have begun to embrace and capitalize on the resourcefulness of social media. Corporate law firms have curved a niche for themselves among the elite of social media. While they do not wallow in the murky waters that bedevil the online platforms, they reach out to the general public and consort with other like-minded organizations in search of partnerships and clients. The corporate practices use social media in many other ways including the ones listed below.

  1. To Gain Exposure

The social media craze is so consuming that it boasts of hosting nearly 50% of the world’s population. For law firms, such a great population is a rare demand pool from which they can source for clients. They can also use these tyrannical numbers to make their brand known among the public.

  1. Reporting and Showcasing

Since law firms are private institutions, they need not publish their annual returns or progress records publicly. Social media presents a platform for corporate law firms to brag about their achievements and show their potency to any prospective clients.

  1. Research Tool

In today’s world, many cases that find their way into the courtrooms will originate or at least have a connection with social media. Law firms, in their investigations, may look for answers in social media and extract valuable evidence that will be used later on. Corporate law firms, on the other hand, may use social media to gauge the reactions of the public at large when their client company makes a move which is likely to disturb the status quo. Data collected from social media can be used in decision making so as to maintain a company’s good standing in the public eyes.

  1. Marketing

Last but not least, social media is ripe for digital marketing. Corporate practices can engage with the public through social media to create more brand awareness, market their different services, and even reel-in some clients.


The face of the legal profession has changed, thanks to the advent of social media marketing. To embrace social media as a business is to embrace a brave new world.