Motion graphics became quite popular due to the opportunity to present your inner self and showcase your imagination on digital screens. In a graphic design context, motion graphics can show so much more, and they’ll leave the viewers with a much more powerful message than any picture ever could. In 2019, trending motion graphics ideas are blooming, and we’ll mention some of the most eye-catching ones.


Glitch Effects

Reports from the World’s renowned graphic design companies say that the glitching effects have no competition in the motion graphics scene. Every branding, marketing, packaging, etc. have some glitch design.


2D & 3D Combined

Trends exist thanks to innovations in technology fields, and as such, 3D design became trending in 2019, but a combination of 3D design with a simple 2D design became a powerhouse in a motion graphics industry since they create a more complex visual experience.



Micro-interactions are smooth animation designs that can achieve big things. You’re able to pinpoint consumer’s attention to objects inside the animation. Message delivery is quite straightforward when it comes to micro-interactions since they tend to obtain user’s attention directly.


Liquified Motion

If used correctly, liquified motion graphics have a goal of delivering an invaluable organic feel to the design. A usual pattern would be to follow up the straightforward and robust transitions and movements, but with fluid motion, everything changes to something new and fascinating. A seamless, liquified transition of images into compelling shapes is an eye-catching, relaxing experience for viewers.


Pastel Density

Do not underestimate the power of the pastel palettes. They can mix so many things into our heads and hearts; it cannot be explained in simple words. So many examples are around us where pastel palettes were used, but every one of them had few things in common: elegance, seamless and fluid transition, eye-catching graphics that instantly became trending.